All of our red wines are hand picked, hand sorted and undergo a cold soak for extra flavour extraction. The grapes are then fermented for 2-6 weeks followed by barrel ageing between 9 months – 36 months. We also have an extensive Appassimento program by drying the grapes by approx 30%-40% which provides for intensity and complexity in the wines.

Proprietor's Blend Red

Proprietor's Blend Red


Proprietor's Blend Red

2013 | $21.95


Clean, clear, medium colour intensity, medium-heavy viscosity.


High intensity, leather, tobacco, plum, dried prunes, dried fruit, nutmeg spice, dried cherries.


Medium-heavy tannins, medium-heavy acidity, medium bodied, dark chocolate, tobacco leaf, rich, flavourful, dried cherry.


Medium-heavy finish.